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Our Services

  • Pipeline Freespan Rectification

    The 7SEAS team has successfully rectified hundreds of pipeline spans over the past 20 years. We have the full range of in-house experience to ensure a seamless trouble free, safe and successful pipeline freespan rectification campaign using diver or ROV.

    Based on experience in water depths approaching 1000m and span heights of up to 8.5m we have developed new grouting equipment and a large range of grout bags to support your project.

  • Pipeline & Cable Crossings

    Field development in existing fields requires the installation of new pipelines and cables. This creates multiple crossings which in turn require subsea asset protection.

    Crossings can be successfully installed either as pre-lay using FXMAT™ concrete mattresses or as post-lay using SEASAC pipeline supports (grout bags) and grout mats.

    Everything required to complete a subsea crossing campaign is available from 7SEAS.

  • Offshore Grouting Services

    7SEAS has developed the CLYDE range of specialist offshore grouting equipment for:

    - Pipeline integrity(freespan)
    - Structural grouting

    The CLYDE range of grouting equipment is designed in consultation with 7SEAS offshore personnel based their feedback from years of field experience. Colloidal pumps supplied by Colcrete Eurodrill UK form the basis of these compact, efficient and powerful systems.

Our other services include

  • - Stablisation
  • - Engineering
  • - Anti-Scour
  • - Dropped Object Protection
  • - Cathodic Protection Systems