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Our Products

  • FLXMAT™ Concrete Mattresses

    FLXMAT™ CONCRETE MATTRESSES - The new FLXMAT™ Concrete Mattress System offers a large selection of different models designed for stabilisation, protection and pipeline crossings. FLXMAT™ is the latest generation mattress system using the plastic injection moulding system (PIMS) designed and developed by David Maclean and his engineering team in 2001.

    For further details please visit the FLXMAT™ website at www.FLXMAT.COM - The World’s Most Innovative Mattress

  • SEASAC Bespoke Fabric Formwork

    At your request 7SEAS will design and manufacture bespoke or custom designed fabric formwork manufactured with attention to efficiency and practical application offshore based on 20 years of previous experience.

    This includes anti-scour systems and pipeline crossing protection for subsea assets. 7SEAS bespoke products are tailored to fit your project based on the design belief that “simple is best” when it comes to installation of fabric formwork subsea.

  • SEASAC Groutbags

    The 7SEAS team has more than 20 years experience in grout bag design, manufacture and installation. We offer a large range of standard grout bags which we hold in stock.

    7SEAS Grout Bags are specifically engineered and designed based on offshore experience gained from the installation subsea of many hundreds of grout bags. The range includes:

    - Grout Mats
    - Grout Bags

    and is fast filling, low volume and available for either diver or ROV installation.

  • SEASAC Bulkbags and Sandbags

    7SEAS general material bags such as Bulk Bags, Sand Bags and Mortar Mix Bags (dry grout) are available in a large range of sizes.

    Bulk Bags are manufactured to order and can be supplied in a variety of sizes and certified lift capacities. 7SEAS Bulk Bags are available in many different models with either 4 point, 2 point or single point lift.

    Sand Bags (SEASACS) have been reinvented using a combination of velcro type fasteners and functional straps. The full 7SEAS product range includes:

    - Multiple sizes
    - Various weights
    - Prefilled or self-fill
    - Both diver and ROV friendly

    Easy to use and fast to fill each sand bag is fitted with webbing straps for diver or ROV placement. SEASACS sand bags can also be fitted with a 7SEAS unique design non-return eyelet to allow multiple bags to be connected together with 16mm diameter rope. This offers increased stability of the bags when installed subsea.